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After spending way too much time in the studios, we're proud to release our debut album with the help of Hungry Ghosts Productions, Domino Media and Finisterian Dead End . Ten straightforward tunes !



released October 5, 2012

All songs written and performed by Bagheera
Ed : guitar & vocals
Moos : guitar
Robin : drum
Max : bass

Lyrics on “ 80 Years to Learn Nothing ” and “ Catch Yourself ” written by Julien James Waroux.
Ending riffs on “ 80 Years to Learn Nothing ” and “ Catch Yourself ” written by Mehdi Guerroury.
Intro bass solo on “ Drone ” written by Sebastien Pittet.

Engineered by Raphaël Bovey
Drums recorded at La Cave studio
Guitars & bass recorded at La Blanche Maison 
Vocals recorded by Antoine Estoppey at Blend Studios 
Mixed and mastered by Raphaël Bovey at MyRoom studio 
Design by Julien Mercier
Pictures by Gaspard Zoss
Association : Hungry Ghosts Productions 
Communication : Domino Media Agency, Finisterian Dead End
Contact : bagheera.management@gmail.com

Bagheera would like to thank the following people :
Mathias Meillard, Raphaël Bovey, Julien Mercier, Julien James Waroux, Chris Jock, Antoine Estoppey, Sebastien Pittet, Mehdi Guerroury ,Thomas Target, Anaïs Bonard, Marc Bungener, Jackson, Nicolas Chuard, Juan-Pablo, Wenger, Bénédicte Graz, Phil Vojvo, Tony Sharp, Roxane Fuschetto, Anne-Claude Bühler, Sanders, Goekce brothers, Turner, Nicolas Von Ritter, Manu Tarabay, Charlotte Dubuis, Marc-An, Lisa, Randy, Mathias Thorens, Nadja, Pilif, Ines, Bryan, Denise, Broquet, Frank, Andrès, Belge, Hannah, Gwen, Guy, Dormond, Gaël Pétremand, Marie Verburgh, Rebecca Francelet, Sophie Mayerat, Chris Noth, Valentina D’avenia, Jean Jean, Matthias Walker, Sepu, Greg, Pit, Frozen, Miserez Family, Cyril Porchet, Charles Negre, Gergwills, Gaspard Zoss, Sophie Cartini, Elo’, Saskia, Lynn, Ed’s sisters, Alex, Claire, Petter, Patrick, Gilli, Freidell, les Trois Chopes, Heimathome Rec, Hungry Ghosts Prod and the Grill The Hill Crew.

Bagheera says Hey ! to the following bands :
Algebra, June Deville, Darkrise, Camion, Elizabeth, Green Fairy, Abraham, Kurtains, Kruger, Voice of Ruin, The Chikitas, Disagony, Helmut, Petrol Patrol, Elenkhos, Eternal, The Burden Remains, Shut up Antoine, Ed Wood Jr, B.O.B, Arf, Brebis, Ärtonwall, Life as War, Wardhill, Feueurzeug, Anachronism, Peace is just a break, Yverdoom, Léon.



all rights reserved


Bagheera Lausanne, Switzerland

Hailing from Lausanne, Switzerland, Bagheera was formed at the beginning of 2009 with the aim of playing honest, personal and effective music. There are no rules as to how they compose, but the metal at heart makes their songs range from hardcore and thrash to grunge and death metal.

Going on European Tour in September 2012.
Releasing our debut album in October 2012.
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Track Name: Cliff
Broke my eyes on human beings
Lost all hope, abandoned all dreams
I spit on your fake values presented like laws

All the things you said
That I’d fall down below
You’re the reason for my flaws

I’ll rise up from the dead
Push you back towards the border
No more occupancy
It’s time to move forward

All the things you have
A sweet illusion of living
A plastic solution ready-made for your mind

Growing: ageing without living
Buying: a fake sense of joy

Life as a line
Searching the balance, try not to fall
Who would expect such borders in our minds?

Go to the cliff
Make some sense of things
Why do we live?
Taking a look
Over the abyss
You’ll find a way
Leave or find a way

Hey, watch out not to fall
There’re no boundaries other than your own
Track Name: Ad Hoc
Incarceration withering me
Absorbed in anxiety
Trapped in a mental cell
Deliver me from here

So many people to agree on a direction
But they can’t see another way of action
There’s a different path that you should choose
Forget what others want for you
Or you’ll shut down, souring up in confinement
Follow yourself or fade in silence

Search inner freedom ‘cause I don’t believe
I can survive in the mainstream

It’s such a shame if you remain in pain
Know there’s so much more to gain
I’m getting out of here, outside I’ll get some light
And take some rest before the final fight

There’s a different path that you should choose
Nothing’s here for us so break loose
Track Name: Drone
It’s fine with me to stay in my delusion,
I’ll accept the divide in interests
And draw my own non-conclusions

Driven towards a clouded horizon
Through programmed seasons
Carry my doubts in a bag of hope
Hanging around till the suns line up

Happiness is a matter of point of view
Visions refract through prisons
Choose your ray of light

Infinity beams through holes in the kite
Sailing the sky all through the night

Let’s go anywhere, cross the edge, you decide
Everywhere, time is still on our side

We’ll do anything, if it makes sense for you and me
Anywhere as long as it’s far overseas

My identity is just what it seems
My identity is whatever you think it is
Track Name: Rough
Snow's falling in my mind
It’s a Sunday every day
Outside it all looks fine
Inside something’s not straight

White wolf came in and sniffed the walls
He showed me the way to his denial
We had a talk that gave me visions
Thereon we walked on floods of unmade decisions
Track Name: 80 Years To Learn Nothing
You put your trust in money, your faith in banks
You worship profit but your idol has failed
Blame yourself, blinded by greed
Always wanted more, all you got is war

There will be no survivors
Nothing but ashes will remain
Say goodbye to your system
Can you smell the sickening smoke of annihilation?

Listen to me you overpaid corporate swine
Fear for your life ‘cause you're the next in line
Repent or fall into the pit of decay

One after another, your kingdom will fall
We will break down your blinding walls
Your deceit doesn't reach us
We'll blaze it away in a no-mercy shot

Don't even trust what you think or say
'Cause the most gullible
To all your lies and trickery is yourself

You worthless warthog, brainless warthog
Track Name: Ossified
I feel the need deep within me
To put an end to your disease

You’re getting too obsessed over communication
You’re aiming for respect instead of true creation
Now’s the time to realize you’re not doing it right
Or prepare to get pulverized by our hand for your lies

You’re locked up in a cage, you’ve got to keep it real
Let your mind drift away towards the rage you feel
Specialized in shaking hands instead of shaping tones
Self-promoting your band in the places you own

Following the mass
Some will fake and others rise
But some would rather pass
When inside they’re ossified

Paraphrase and copy-paste
Man, your substance is zero
The emptiness of your foul production
Is the reason you’ll fall
Track Name: Catch Yourself
Since when have you been falling down?
Now your only wish is to hit the ground
Obsessed by this bottomless pit
All other brain functions lost

Tell me who can be so sure?
Tell me who doesn't care at all?
Can your fear of death balance your disgust of life?

You try to forget what you know
But memories will hunt you down

You need to escape this free fall
Reboot your brain and wake up
Before you wake up dead
Put an end to your decay
You need to escape this free fall
Track Name: Drift
I don’t understand why people are this way
Narrowing themselves, digging a hole so deep

Destroyed feelings
Diverted clouds of the past
You spit on everything
Decisions forever last

I have no taste for nothing anymore
Losing my faith building my hate
Fly away with the winds of despised fate
Losing my faith building my hate

I’m not supposed to be a stranger
Perhaps you’ll never grow up
Your eyes are just knives in my mind
Always the same pit, the same split

I'm gonna blow your face away
Delete your mind and your soul
Erase the thoughts and memories
The rollercoaster of sadness rolls
Track Name: Torchlight
Skinless, I wander in awe, drifting along in boredom
Senseless, fleeing her dreadful ways
With my guitar as an only torchlight, thinking of no tomorrow
There’s no room for sorrow.
I think I miss her, though I can’t remember her smell nor any of her jokes.
And people come to me and say, “hey wise guy”, while deep inside my blood is boiling red.
What do they know…?

Compiling useless days as they stagnate by into the drain
Trapped in a napkin I start to choke
Trying to restore my old brain from the noise it never overcame
Old feelings flow and my body is ready to explode

Hurry up, it’s time to move
You still have a lot to prove
Take the lift up to a higher perception
Act quick, there’s no time to waste
You’re losing touch with your aspirations
Renew what was lost and find redemption
Track Name: Eins Zwei Die
Back in the day, I knew a guy harmless and desperate
Even in his situation he looked after us
He always looked forward and never let us sit on our ass
But life was too hard for him, working hard for nothing

In one second, he disappeared in the twist of alcohol and pills
I blamed his friends that did not want to look him in the eyes
He died. They let him go nowhere with no mind
Hit by a train on new year's eve, it’s hard to believe

You don’t have the time
Stop wasting your time.